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Teaching division with blocks and arrays

Let’s face it, kids really, really don’t get division.  Here are a few simple strategies to help make it happen. For more help, check out Fixing Misconceptions in Multiplication and Division To get started, try using numbers that don’t divide … READ MORE

Why kids don’t get fractions

You may have noticed that kids have a few issues with fractions… but sometimes it can be tricky to understand what is going on, particularly when the difficulties only tend to show up on NAPLAN.  Here are a few simple … READ MORE

Developing multiplicative thinking

Simple ideas for assessing and develop multiplicative thinking It can be tricky to work out what our students really understand, and what they struggle with.  Here are a few short videos that explain multiplicative thinking, as well as links to … READ MORE

15 Partitioning Games that Kids (and Teachers) Love

Do you run out of ideas to make Partitioning fun? Here are 15 of my favourite games to play with kids. We would love to add more too, so please comment with your own ideas and share the article with … READ MORE

Finishing strong – making those last few weeks count (plus a free offer to boot)

As term 4 is upon us many teachers are struggling with how to get everything done.  Realistically, now is the time for prioritizing rather than frantic teaching.  Think about what the teacher next year needs the kids to still remember … READ MORE

How to teach Addition and Subtraction free flipbook

Addition and subtraction of small numbers is a very big part of lower-primary teaching, and one that kids can struggle with still in their teens. Download this FREE flip book containing developmentally sequenced strategies for introducing addition and subtraction for … READ MORE

Why I don’t teach two-digit numbers before teen numbers

Download this article here:  Why I don’t teach two digit numbers before teen numbers There has been a lot of advice to teachers recently that we should leave teaching of teen numbers until after kids have learned about other two-digit … READ MORE

Introducing two-digit numbers

It can be tricky for a lot of students to see the need for bundling.  Often students in early primary (and sometimes later than that) will have an understanding of one to one correspondence for relatively large numbers without also … READ MORE

The missing link from Place Value: Relative Size

Place value is one of the Big Ideas in number identified by Dr Dianne Siemon during the National Middle Years project as pivotal for later mathematical development. Students who are missing place value concepts in middle primary school are in … READ MORE

Critical number concepts >>> The first three years

Download the PDF of this article here:  Critical number concepts – the first three years Check out a video for my Top 5 Diagnostic Tasks in Lower Primary here Watch our free full-length recorded webinar on Key number concepts for … READ MORE