“Teaching Back to Front – Extra”

These web-only videos are an adjunct to the successful Teaching Back to Front DVD series.

In keeping with our philosophy of providing practical advice and resources to classroom teachers, these videos are a way to answer the common questions we hear as we work with teachers and administrators all over Australia.  If you have questions you would like answered in video or text format, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Introduction to The “Extra” Series (1 min)
Just a quick explanation of what these videos are for.

5 Rules to Encourage Risk Taking in Maths (6 mins)
Many teachers struggle to convince their students to “have a go” at solving a problem and instead fall back on traditional, and less effective, teaching strategies.  In this six-minute video Tierney explains the 5 rules to establish early to encourage risk-taking and creative problem-solving in your class.

Behaviour Management in Problem-Based Teaching (5:30 mins)
How do we keep everyone on track during a problem-based maths lesson?
Tierney explains how to arrange and manage your class to cater for different levels of ability and behaviour.


Top 5 Diagnostic Tasks in Early Primary (6 mins)
Where should early primary teachers start looking for misconceptions?
Misconceptions in number can easily remain hidden. This video covers five quick diagnostic tasks to help you identify the most common and most problematic misconceptions in this age group. Try them in your class…you may be surprised by the number of students who show these misconceptions despite being able to rote count along with everyone else.

Running Fantastic Rotation Groups (8:49 mins)
Balancing time in rotation groups can be especially tricky.
The Back-to-Front Maths authors created a really simple system for rotation groups that frees up a 20 minute block of your time to work with a particular group of students, while engaging the rest of the students in simple 5-minute rotational games that build their fluency.