Work Program for one and two teacher schools now available

One and two teacher schools face significant challenges in implementing the Australian Curriculum.  With this in mind, Tierney Kennedy has designed a work program that utilises Back-to-Front Maths web access to meet all of the requirements for each grade in an integrated program.  The idea is to group students and work on the same activity as much as possible, extending up and down to cater for all levels.  The program is designed with flexibility, so that spare lessons are still possible, and so that Teacher Aide and parent helpers can be used effectively, allowing the teacher to best coordinate the work.

Within the program, the first term is devoted to key number concepts (such as number size, place value and fractions) and geometry, with learning experiences specifically designed to prepare students in the most effective sequence for NAPLAN.

The work program is available for:

One teacher with Foundation to year 7 all in the one room
Two teachers, one with F-3 and one with 4-7

The cost of the work program is a one-off fee of $150.  The school will also need to have web-access to be able to use the program, with a cost of $6.95/student and free for teachers.  To receive your copy and to pay on invoice, please email:

Alternatively, you can order and pay by credit card or Paypal in our online store.


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