Hundreds chart jigsaw puzzle

 Hundreds charts are great for connecting tens and ones. Why not turn one into a jigsaw puzzle to use in rotation groups? A template is below.


Photocopy this puzzle template onto different coloured pieces of paper or card. Laminate each. Cut each into puzzle pieces using the rows and columns. Store each puzzle in a ziplock bag – different colours makes it easy to pack up. Put all the ziplock bags in a shoe box ready for rotation groups.

Differentiation ideas to take it further:

The use of different colours makes differentiation much simpler in this task.

  1. Use colours to represent different levels of difficulty. I use blue-red-green-yellow, like first-second-third-fourth place ribbons in a race. I give students instructions such as, “if there is a red activity in the box today then do that one first, then you can do the others”.
  2. Once students are pretty good at the puzzles, I remove a piece from each. They have to first put the puzzle back together, then work out which numbers are missing.
  3. I make a new “rainbow bag” using all the pieces that were removed as an extra-tricky extension. That puzzle has lots of overlaps and gaps! What numbers are missing now?
  4. Parts of a hundreds chart” is a great variation. Fill in one number, then have students find what numbers to use in each of the blank squares.



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