Easter Maths Ideas

Here are a few simple ideas for Easter maths:


Compare the value-for-money of a range of Easter eggs vs bars of chocolate.  You will need to decide what parameters to consider (weight of chocolate, quality of chocolate, actual weight of cocoa and cocoa butter in the amount that you get to eat…).  All you will need to do is take in a catalogue and possibly a couple of chocolate products.  The group that works out the most complete solution / explains it the best gets first pick at a chocolate product to share.

Time with Addition and Subtraction:

Lent begins 40 days before Easter Sunday.  Pentecost occurs 50 days after Easter Sunday (counting Easter Sunday as day 1 – so really 49 days).  What dates will both of these land on this year?


You will need:  2-3 packets of mini Easter eggs and a plastic cup for each student.
Ask the students to work out how many eggs each student will receive without physically sharing them out.  The first group of students to work it out correctly get to keep the “left overs” 🙂
Extension:  How many children would we need to have in the class for all of the eggs to be shared evenly?


As per above, but start by asking how many eggs altogether if each child had “x” eggs.  Vary the number of children and the number of eggs.


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