Tierney Kennedy, creator of Back to Front Maths


We use problem-based teaching to help kids
really understand maths
rather than just memorise it.

And it works!  Find out why below.

Teachers love our practical approach – we work in real classrooms with real kids, including all the tricky ones.

“The past two days have been the most productive, informative and challenging that I have had the opportunity to be engaged in for a very long time”

Leaders love our data, as well as our ability to work with all teachers:

  • PAT M effect size of 0.61, for 1-2 lessons per week in just six months.  Grade 3 students on average learning over 2 years of maths in 2 lessons per week.
  • NAPLAN cohort growth that is 18% higher than like schools for grades 3-5, and 35% higher than like schools for grades 5-7.

Why Back to Front Maths works

and how to fix them

Getting Started on your Back to Front journey

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