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Hundreds chart jigsaw puzzle

 Hundreds charts are great for connecting tens and ones. Why not turn one into a jigsaw puzzle to use in rotation groups? A template is below. Instructions: Photocopy this puzzle

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Project Data:

This graph shows the PAT M gains for every tailored project we ran in 2021 compared with their baseline PAT M data.

On average, the 2935 students across all our projects grew by 40% more than in their baseline year (P<0.05). This graph contains data for 16 schools.

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Sequential Lesson plans and Printable Tasks for all year levels:

Printable activities with differentiated lesson plans include Journal problems for introducing new concepts through problem-solving and addressing misconceptions, as well as Blast activities for using questioning to build the deep understanding necessary to develop mathematically. Additional fluency tasks and games help students to develop skills.

Assessment Matrices and Moderation Tasks:

We provide criteria sheets, assessment schedules and explanations in both teacher and parent-friendly language on the Lessons page for each year level. Moderation tasks are also included for taking base-line, mid-year and end-year standardised assessments.  These tasks are designed to pinpoint growth in problem-solving, reasoning and understanding.

Investigations for Multiple Levels and Student-Friendly Extension Tasks:

Students come to our classes at multiple levels. Remember to check out the engaging, real-life investigations and extension tasks at the bottom of the Lessons page for each year level. Remember that these tasks differentiate across at least three year levels – so check out the other year levels as well.

ALL NEW for 2023! Professional Learning Videos:

With over 25 hours of free professional learning videos for members, Back to Front Maths provides teachers with targeted learning in a range of topics to exactly suit your needs. Make a strong start to the year, deal with difficult situations and increase your own content knowledge.


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