Interventions Book Resources

We are excited to announce that in 2016 the Interventions in Mathematics series was Highly Commended by the Educational Publishing Awards!

This series is designed to catch students up quickly in key number concepts, by using confronting questions to address misconceptions.  Our data from Partnership Projects during 2015-2016 shows effect sizes of between 0.49 and 0.75 in PAT Maths when the resources were used once per week for a period of eight months.

This page contains a number of resources from each book.  Please feel free to download them and try them out with your students.  The diagnostic tests are particularly important.

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Resources used in all the books:


Fixing Misconceptions in Addition and Subtraction:Fixing Addition and Subtraction Front Cover final for Ligare

Fixing Misconceptions in Place Value to 1000 resources:Place Value Front Cover

Fixing Misconceptions in Multiplication and Division:Fixing Multiplication Front Cover

Fixing Fractions Front CoverFixing Misconceptions in Fractions:



Fixing Decimals Percent Front Cover thumbnailFixing Misconceptions in Decimals and Percent: