Professional Learning

There are numerous ways that the Back to Front Maths team can support your school to achieve its goals and improve student understanding in mathematics. We specialise in working with school leaders to identify areas of need and tailor projects to suit your staff expertise, school climate and background. We also develop and run new training courses where multiple schools have expressed their need for further support. As these courses change regularly, please remember to check out our Events page for upcoming training that might be useful for your teachers.

We answer real teacher questions and concerns

Our professional learning sessions always begin with asking teachers to raise their questions and concerns, then we adapt the session based on common needs. This means that each course runs a little differently, addressing what teachers really need for that day. We always endeavour to answer every question, or to send through information and resources afterwards if the time runs out.

We focus on practical strategies that make a big difference

We love modelling in classrooms. Nothing is as useful for teachers as seeing the mathematical thinking of real students, and observing high-quality instruction adapted for the needs of the class on-the-fly. Most of our courses include time for a demonstration lesson in the hosting school.

We take a highly practical, rather than philosophical, approach to improvement, recognising that teaching is hard and implementation of any strategy with fidelity is rarely possible in most classrooms. Instead, we focus on strategies that are practical, targeted to exactly what the teachers need, and likely to result in strong improvements even when they are not done perfectly. Our results over the past decade have borne out the effectiveness of this approach.

Our partners

We would like to thank our partners in working with us to support mathematical improvement in schools.

Our professional learning is recommended by the State Governments of South Australia and Western Australia.

Preferred supplier of numeracy professional learning services to the SA Government. 

Recommended by the WA Government and Education Department. 

We are also proud to partner with the Mathematical Association of Western Australia.

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