DVDs showing Tierney teaching in real classrooms now available!

In our most exciting news yet, we now have a DVD set showing Tierney Kennedy teaching eight Back to Front Maths lessons in real classrooms!

See how to use problem-based teaching to diagnose and confront misconceptions, leading the students to develop deep understanding, generalise mathematical principles and really develop understanding.  Watch as Tierney teaches through questioning, differentiating for both support and extension students all while teaching key number concepts:

  • Foundation (20 mins): What changes a number and what doesn’t (Number Conservation and Partitioning).  Watch as prep students work out that movement does not change how many counters are in a cup, as well as how to partition numbers smaller than ten.  Number conservation is a foundational concept to everything else that we teach.

  • Grade One (17 mins):  Relative size of numbers to ten.  Watch as grade one students work out how big each number is compared with ten, trying different things and changing their minds.

  • Grade Two (25 mins):  Relationship between tens and ones.  Even though students can name numbers in tens and ones that doesn’t mean that they understand how these are related.  Watch as we start to develop a deep understanding of place value that can be built on in other years.

  • Grade Three (16 mins):  Relative size of numbers to 1000.  We often focus on very standard things in place value: naming, ordering, writing in numerals and in expanded form, yet miss the vital aspect of relative size.  How big is 100 compared with 1000?  Watch as students develop understanding of this missing link.

  • Grade Four (21 mins):  Is one half really one half?  (Proportional Reasoning with halves and quarters)  Watch as grade four students work out that halves that have the same shape are still the same size, and that all bits are not automatically called quarters.  Link these concepts to others as well, such as analogue clocks.

  • Grade Five (27 mins):  Relative size of decimal numbers.  Decimal numbers and their links to common fractions are particularly difficult for students to understand.  Watch as these students work out that decimal numbers are smaller than one rather than the same size as one, and that they follow the same base-ten format as whole numbers.

  • Grade Six (16 mins):  Double digit multiplicative thinking.  The ability to picture multiplication in a two-dimensional structure is vitally important for upper primary and secondary school mathematical understanding.  Watch as these students work out what it looks like to multiply large numbers, becoming more and more excited about maths and even staying in at lunch time to get trickier questions.

  • Grade Seven (27 mins):  Adding fractions with unrelated denominators (Proportional reasoning with thirds, fifths and improper fractions).  Fractions are a particularly concept for kids, especially when they look weird.  Watch as we lead students to work out that there are no such thing as uneven thirds (even though 3 is an odd number!), progressing all the way to adding fractions with unrelated denominators in a single lesson.


Each lesson provides excellent professional development for teachers of multiple grades.

Teaching Back to Front with Tierney professional development DVD set

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Approximately 178 mins of demonstrations and explanations for $200 

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