Hundreds chart jigsaw puzzle

 Hundreds charts are great for connecting tens and ones. Why not turn one into a jigsaw puzzle to use in rotation groups? A template is below. Instructions: Photocopy this puzzle

Numeracy ideas across the curriculum

We often hear that numeracy, like literacy, is everyone’s business. With that in mind, here are a few of my favourite ideas for opportunities to emphasise numeracy within specialist lessons.

Stage testing and tracking

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Mathsbusters: experimenting to bust misconceptions

>> Introducing conceptual change programs Let’s face it – nobody likes being wrong.  Not kids, and not us.  So, when maths becomes all about the right answers, that makes it

Intervention that works webinar

Please find a free hour-long PD video below on what works and does not work in intervention. It’s an important one, so make time to check it out. Remember to