Great ideas for enabling prompts or lifelines

Enabling prompts or life lines are a fantastic way of helping students who are stuck to get started. They do not reduce the complexity of the question, but they do help kids

Making a physical pie chart in three ways

Pie charts are an awesome way of linking statistics, fractions and angles, however they can often be difficult for students to really understand. Here are a few simple ideas to

Hundreds chart jigsaw puzzle

 Hundreds charts are great for connecting tens and ones. Why not turn one into a jigsaw puzzle to use in rotation groups? A template is below. Instructions: Photocopy this puzzle

Numeracy ideas across the curriculum

We often hear that numeracy, like literacy, is everyone’s business. With that in mind, here are a few of my favourite ideas for opportunities to emphasise numeracy within specialist lessons.

Stage testing and tracking

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Mathsbusters: experimenting to bust misconceptions

>> Introducing conceptual change programs Let’s face it – nobody likes being wrong.  Not kids, and not us.  So, when maths becomes all about the right answers, that makes it

Intervention that works webinar

Please find a free hour-long PD video below on what works and does not work in intervention. It’s an important one, so make time to check it out. Remember to