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Website subscription to is available on an annual basis for both individual teachers and for whole schools.


Individual Teacher Subscription for 12 months

  • Single Teacher – $249.95 

This 12-month subscriptions gives individual teachers full-access and photocopying rights to all material on the Back-to-Front Maths website for all grades. Teachers can choose, print and photocopy activities from any year level including accessing all lesson plans, Journal Problems and Blast activities. In addition to the material in the Back-to-Front Maths books, website subscribers can also access Moderating tasks, assessment criteria sheets and planning tools to help make implementation of ACARA easy.

If you have trouble with our checkout please download an order form (please open with Adobe Acrobat) to email or fax through to us.


School Subscriptions for 2016

This gives whole schools, grades or classes access to printable materials for Back-to-Front Maths. It allows schools to begin implementing ACARA while still using textbooks in 2016.

  • Whole school price (every student from grades 1-7) – $6.95/student
  • Single grade price (every student in the year) – $9.95/student
  • Single class price (every student in the class) – $10.95/student


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Renewing your subscription

To renew your subsciption to manually (before expiration) please ensure you are logged in then visit our Membership Level Page and click on the Renew button. Then add any discount codes, accept our terms and conditions, click on the check out button and complete payment. Should you have any problems please email us at

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Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your membership to please ensure you are logged in then visit our Membership Cancellation Page. Please note if you choose to cancel your subscription that you will not receive a refund for any unused time on your subscription and will be required to purchase a new subscription to access any member areas in the future.

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