Fixing Misconceptions in Place Value to 1000

We have exciting news to share!

Our new Interventions project, Fixing Misconceptions in Place Value to 1000, has been receiving some fantastic feedback from teachers as well as great improvement data from both individual teachers and government projects since its introduction in April.

Here’s what people are saying about the in-person PD and of course the book:

  • The misconceptions were exactly as you demonstrated.  July 2015
  • It was honestly one of the best PDs I’ve had in 13 years of teaching.  June 2015
  • This is a game changer.  June 2015
  • We are all cheering about how wonderful we all are!!! Hahahahah!!.  May 2015
  • This book is just what I needed (really what all teachers need).  April 2015
  • ‘Fixing Misconceptions in Place Value to 1000’ is fantastic.  You identify, in order, the most important building blocks needed to have a sound understanding of place value.  The diagnostic test allows us to quickly find out which understanding we need to address first, and you outline clearly the step by step approach we need to confront the misconception and then lead them to make accurate generalisations.  April 2015

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Download the Place Value to 1000 diagnostic test to see if you need the program

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