Interventions series

Looking for the resources that go with this series?  Click here It can be incredibly frustrating to us as teachers when we spend time teaching a concept only to find

My favourite maths teaching moment wasn’t in maths!

By Tierney Kennedy  What is your favourite maths teaching moment?  One where you know that you made a life-changing difference?  My all-time favourite maths teaching moment was with a boy

Newly trained Facilitators

Hi to all newly trained Facilitators!  It has been exciting to train so many of you over the past few months.  This page has been designed especially for you, to

Testimonials and Feedback

We have been fortunate to work with a vast number of schools and individual teachers over the years as we have developed our resources and professional development services. The extremely

Resources for C2C units

Education Queensland has widely publicised that the C2C units should be implemented flexibly.  Back-to-Front Maths has been included on resource list for Higher-order thinking and problem-solving.  By clicking on the

Startling NAPLAN trends for Queensland

Queensland and South Australian NAPLAN data from the past four years reveals that we are very good at content teaching, but comparatively poor at developing deep understanding and the ability

C2C alignment tables

A full review of the material has been conducted by:  Tierney Kennedy – independent mathematics consultant, Leah O’Neill – Head of Department in EQ and Kylie Devenish – practicing teacher. 

Review of C2C Mathematics – Leah O’Neill

Having read what is currently available of the C2C/Scribbly Gum Mathematics materials, I believe there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before the program truly reflects

Australian Curriculum Preparation Pack

How ready are you to make the changes the Australian Curriculum requires? Learn what the changes entail, assess your school’s readiness to meet them and start taking steps to implement