Australian Curriculum Preparation Pack

How ready are you to make the changes the Australian Curriculum requires?

Learn what the changes entail, assess your school’s readiness to meet them and start taking steps to implement the changes in 2012.

Your free ACARA preparation pack contains:

Auditing tool: 17 questions to help assess your staff’s readiness to adopt ACARA, how far along the process your school is and help you decide where to place your effort for maximum effectiveness.

Curriculum alignment tables: explain the levels and main changes in each grade

Assessment criteria sheet: easy-to-understand explanations for parents and students.

The Proficiency Strands Unlocked:  simple description of the proficiency strands and what these look like in our classrooms.

Flowchart of how to get ready: Use the results from your audit to identify areas of weakness, major changes needed, barriers to change and school-specific issues, and then determine what to work on first.


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