Professional development opportunities

Looking for high-quality professional development for your staff?
We provide tailored options that might suit you, your school or your network.

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What would you like to find out about?

  • In-School Training Options:


    Tailored School Project Package for 12 months:

    For schools committed to long-term change, we offer 12-month long projects with data analysis, live training, online private mentoring sessions and resources included. The graph above shows our PAT M results from all 2020 projects.
    To tailor your package:

    1. Download this School Project Package spreadsheet 
    2. Decide if you would like to select “The whole package” option or tailor your package to suit. Complete the appropriate boxes to select the number of training days, online mentoring sessions and resources that will suit your staff.
    3. Send your spreadsheet to [email protected] to negotiate available dates and the focus for your project.

    School visits with Leah O’Neill:

    • Leah Head Shot 2Modelled Lessons:  Would you like to watch one of our consultants model lessons in your own classes?  Release your teachers to come and see what happens with your students as we diagnose and fix misconceptions, challenging them to think hard and differentiating as we go.  Minimum time required is 1 hour per lesson, preferably with 10 minutes before and 20 minutes after with each group of staff to discuss the findings.  Download our Observations sheet
    • Diagnostic Lessons and Recommendations: Do you need to know exactly where your students are stuck and how to move forward to get the best results as quickly as possible?  Our consultants will run diagnostic lessons with your students to show you exactly where they are placed in our developmental sequence.  We will then meet with your administration and key staff to offer practical advice for targeted improvement.  This option can be paired with modelled lessons.
    • Mentoring and Coaching:  Our consultants will meet with small groups of teachers to discuss practical issues of teaching.  We love being asked curly questions!
    • Planning:  Our consultants will meet with a small group of school representatives to facilitate writing a maths work program to suit your students, staff and future directions.  Maximum of 6 staff members or planning becomes unwieldy.  This is best paired with a day spent doing Diagnostic Lessons (option 2 above).


    In-School Visit Options Per Day Cost
    includes GST and Travel
    Single Day $2600
    Two Days in a row (single school) $2450
    Three or more days in a year (single school) $2350
      • Student Free Days:  Our consultants run training days for small and large groups of teachers, including multi-school days.  We can work with you to design a training program in advance, or go directly from teacher questions on the day.  We use problem-based teaching with adults as well as kids, so be prepared for a highly-interactive and very practical day packed with professional learning to cater for teachers at different levels.


    Student Free Day Training Options Per Day Cost
    includes GST and Travel
    Student Free Day (single school, 40 staff max) $2600
    Student Free Day (two schools, 40 staff max) $3000

    Partnership Training and Resourcing for a full year:
    Prices to be negotiated

    If you are considering working with other schools, please consider contacting us to negotiate a Partnership Training project. If you are an individual school, download this Spreadsheet for School Project Package

    Package option: Following several highly-successful projects in SA Partnerships, we are increasingly being asked to run training for full-year projects.  After negotiating a focus area with your Leaders, we have developed a package which includes:

    • Initial 2-day Facilitator Training course for up to 40 participants to help your teachers not only understand the teaching approach but be able to lead your staff.
    • Resources for each school:  Online web access to Back-to-Front Maths, a project training manual, a DVD to support your professional learning and a set of Interventions in Mathematics Books, and a complete set of Back to Front Maths Books.
    • Access to pre-recorded webinars.
    • Diagnostic testing to use with all classes, as well as spreadsheets for data analysis and calculating effect size.  This data will be moderated and used throughout the project to check student improvements.
    • Four days of follow-up sessions with the project participants or project leaders in the next 12 months.
    • Baseline data analysis for the whole partnership along with two project reports for Leaders, including teacher and student data (effect size calculations, statistical significance)
    • Useful tools for leaders, including “How to analyse your NAPLAN Data” and “How to achieve whole school change”.
    • Online mentoring throughout the year on topics of your choice.


    Training Courses:

    Click here to see all of our upcoming training events.


    Professional Development Videos: $100 per DVD, eight lessons

    See how to use problem-based teaching to diagnose and confront misconceptions, leading the students to develop deep understanding, generalise mathematical principles and really develop understanding.  Watch as Tierney teaches through questioning, differentiating for both support and extension students all while teaching key number concepts.
    Read more at this link.


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