Teaching Back to Front with Tierney 2 DVD set

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See how to use problem-based teaching to diagnose and confront misconceptions, leading the students to develop deep understanding, generalise mathematical principles and really develop understanding. Watch as Tierney teaches through questioning, differentiating for both support and extension students all while teaching key number concepts.
Eight lessons show problem-based teaching in action:
• Foundation: What changes a number and what doesn’t (Number Conservation and Partitioning)
• Grade One: Relative size of numbers to ten
• Grade Two: Relationship between tens and ones
• Grade Three: Relative size of numbers to 1000
• Grade Four: Is one half really one half? (Proportional Reasoning with halves and quarters)
• Grade Five: Relative size of decimal numbers
• Grade Six: Double digit multiplicative thinking
• Grade Seven: Adding fractions with unrelated denominators (Proportional reasoning with thirds, fifths and improper fractions)

Approximately 178 mins of demonstrations and explanations for $200!

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