Fixing Misconceptions in Addition and Subtraction


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Ever found yourself teaching your students maths concepts that you know they should have learned last year?

Reteaching maths that your students should have learned last year is a sure sign that they are struggling with the underlying number concepts.

Before learning new material, they need to master the most important concepts – quickly and effectively, so it sticks and doesn’t have to be taught again next year.

This intervention program provides step-by-step instructions to:

  • Diagnose misconceptions that stop kids learning
  • Confront student misconceptions so they change their own minds and truly understand the underlying principles
  • Extend the thinking of students who already understand Addition and Subtraction while freeing up your time to provide targeted attention where it is needed

A clear and simple Developmental Sequence ensures student confidence in Quantity and Partitioning concepts so that you can start Fixing Misconceptions in Addition and Subtraction today.