Interleaved Maths
Essential Connections 11
(Teacher Reference)

Designed to help teachers of all levels meet syllabus requirements, teach skills through real-world examples, and address underlying misconceptions so that students to catch up.

  • Developed for the Essential Mathematics syllabus by expert mathematics educators who have helped thousands of students to catch up and excel in mathematics over the past decade.
  • Clear focus on developing fundamental concepts and skills, prior to introducing more complex content. At each stage, a common set of flexible strategies is built, connecting multiple areas of content and creating strong understanding of concepts.
  • Real-world investigations and case studies are intriguing and meaningful, capturing student attention rather than feeling contrived. They use maths to explore life beyond schooling and in the workplace.
  • Interleaved questions build retention of content through spaced practise, helping students to remember what they have been taught and develop confidence in their growing skills.
  • Cognitive load is carefully balanced using a systematic sequence of thinking steps to introduce and develop each new idea. Data and information sets are used across multiple lessons, allowing students to make use of prior calculations when learning new skills.

Teachers supported at every step

  • Designed with out-of-field teachers in mind, the teacher reference provides simple explanations of concepts in everyday language, with worked examples and guides on what to look for in student work.
  • Lesson plans illustrate misconceptions and provide step-by-step questioning to help students evaluate their own ideas and change their own minds.
  • Clear opportunities to differentiate are provided through extension questions, additional investigations and case studies, complete with syllabus requirements and assessment criteria.
  • State-specific work programs and criteria sheets meet all requirements for QCAA, SCSA, SACE and ACARA syllabi, including problem solving and modelling tasks, and mathematical and statistical investigations.