School Data Analysis Report

Download a sample report here from a de-identified school.

Report includes analysis of five years of NAPLAN growth as well as more recent PAT M gains. All reports include a discussion of school-wide trends and clear recommendations on what to do to address any deficits. All reports are available in WORD and PDF format so that you can copy the graphs and recommendations directly into your school improvement plan.










Sample report to download


Have our consultants analyse your school data and provide a report that looks in detail at your NAPLAN and PAT data and gives site-specific recommendations for improvement. Download a sample report here.


Is our data collected for any other purpose?
No – the data we collect from you is for your use only. Should we want to use your data for any other purpose, we would only do so with your prior written approval before data is collected. Paying for a report is not prior written approval – a paid report is just a service.

Are individual student names needed?
We only use de-identified data, so we don’t need student names. If a school provides data which includes student names, we delete them immediately so the report is de-identified.

How do we send data to you?
Once your order has been processed, you will receive a link to download a Data Request Form which provides information on the data we require to complete your report and where to email it once completed.

How long does it take to receive a report?
You will receive a report within 10-15 business days of our consultant receiving your completed Data Request Form.



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