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27 homework tasks that help make maths part of everyday life

Parents often want to help their kids with maths, but aren’t sure how to help. Here are 27 ideas ranging from breakfast, to car trips, to grocery shopping, to afternoon tea, to pocket money and just about everything in between. … READ MORE

How to teach Addition and Subtraction free flipbook

Addition and subtraction of small numbers is a very big part of lower-primary teaching, and one that kids can struggle with still in their teens. Download this FREE flip book containing developmentally sequenced strategies for introducing addition and subtraction for … READ MORE

Awesomely cool maths ideas for parents

Would you like to be able to help your kids to understand maths better?  Why not try implementing some of these really simple ideas to make maths part of your everyday life?  There’s nothing tricky on this list… just ideas … READ MORE

Great ideas for parents

Are you a bit scared of maths yourself?  Try these ideas: Mathematics is often the subject that most parents tend to shy away from, so here are a few simple suggestions for things that you can do at home to … READ MORE