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Formative assessment, developmental stages and starting the year well

Edited August 2021 The goal of formative assessment should always be to find out what each student NEEDS next, rather than focusing on identifying what they already know. When we truly know what students need, we can plan for their … READ MORE

Assessment: getting everything done

By Tierney Kennedy  How do we get everything done? Good assessment takes time.  It is important to make sure that your grading decisions are not made on the basis of only one or two measures, but on the clear progress … READ MORE

Assessment samples to download

We have included here some assessment samples to download, with the aim of coming to a joint understanding of what the criteria mean and how to assign a grade.  Remember to download the June 2013 edition of The Insightful Classroom … READ MORE

Five-minute diagnostic tasks to assess your students’ understanding of number

These tasks are designed to take 5-10 minutes to complete with each class. They will give you a very quick idea of how successful your current approaches are at dealing with the major student misconceptions about number.  Please take 5 … READ MORE

Assessing for Understanding rather than Fluency

In classrooms around the country gifted mathematics students are hiding in support maths.  They have been overlooked by our current Fluency assessment – left back, seeming to struggle and falling behind. Here are some simple questions that I use as … READ MORE