Moving Forwards in Maths: 2017 Webinar Series

We have a brand-new webinar series to better support staff at three different stages of implementing problem-based teaching!

Throughout 2017, Tierney Kennedy will be running the Moving forwards in maths webinar series for teachers, schools and Partnerships throughout Australia.

This series is designed to meet the needs of teachers across three different streams providing a foundation in problem-based teaching, more advanced concepts and sessions specifically catering for the needs of leaders).

Information and answers to frequently asked questions are included below the video.

Check out this full-length recorded video of our NAPLAN webinar!


Frequently asked questions:

Information is included for each of the questions below.  Can’t see an answer to your question?  Just email us at

Ready to get started?

  • To sign up now for the series, please click here, and we will send you all the details needed to set up the sessions in your school. We will also invoice you when the time comes.
  • To simply register your interest or your school’s interest while you take the time to talk to your team, please click here. We will send you further information about the series, so you can sign up when you are ready.

What are the topics and when are the live sessions held?

Live Sessions: 
  Foundations – Wednesdays Advanced teachers – Wednesdays Leaders – Friday mornings
Term 1 1/2/17  Getting the year started (diagnostic testing and what PBT is all about)

15/2/17  Setting up your class structures, room and routines

8/3/17  Questioning techniques

29/3/17 Sequential development of concepts throughout primary school

17/2/17  Staff buy-in: a process for changing beliefs, practice and results

10/3/17  NAPLAN for leaders

Term 2 10/5/17  Challenging problems and brain growth

7/6/17  Teaching adding and subtracting




24/5/17  A balanced program: problem-based lessons, explicit approaches, rote learning and inquiry projects

21/6/17  Developing differentiated problems and improving results in the upper two bands

26/5/17  Getting the balance right:  where to hold the line and where to negotiate

23/6/17  Dealing with data:  how to read and calculate stats for those with no background


Term 3 26/7/17  Teaching multiplication and division

30/8/17  Teaching fractions (especially for grades 3-9)




16/8/17  Facilitating Moderation

13/9/17  Appropriate intervention: the role of support officers and teachers, assessment and tracking


18/8/17  Staff roles in the change process: catalyst, mentor, experienced staff and juniors

15/9/17  Survival tips: planning and managing change, dealing with parents and handling your load

  Pre-recorded sessions to access any time during 2017:
Key number concepts F-3

Key number concepts 4-9

Developing and assessing fluency using the achievement standard

Assessing the proficiency strands

Improving NAPLAN without compromising great teaching

Risk-taking, persistence and resilience

Improving student reasoning

Problem-solving and understanding

Getting staff to change








Session times by State:

Teacher Sessions: Wednesdays after school for an hour 4:15pm 3:45pm Term 1:  3:15pm
Terms 2 and 3:  4:15pm
Leader Sessions:
Friday mornings for half an hour
10:30am 10:00am Term 1:  9:30am
Terms 2 and 3:  10:30am


Who should participate?

Teachers from Foundation to Grade Nine will find the Moving forwards in maths series ideal for their needs.  While few of the content-specific sessions are recommended for particular grades, most are valuable for teachers across all year levels.  Check out the full list of topics here.

In addition to this, in every session you will also have a chance to ask your own questions and get immediate feedback from Tierney, so make sure that you join in with the live sessions as much as possible.

How interactive are the live sessions?

Very!  We really believe in using problem-based teaching for professional learning as much as we use it in the classroom, so expect to ask and answer questions, watch videos and make comments in every session that you attend live.  If you are accessing the recordings later, make sure to pause when you are given a question to answer, talk about it together, and then play the video to see the comments from everyone else.

Can I join as an individual?

Absolutely!  We love working with teachers like you!

Some teachers are so pro-active that they want to participate early and bring the rest of their school on board later  As an individual subscriber, you receive access to all 27 sessions (beginners, advanced and leaders) and their recordings as well as the certificates and handouts.  If you find yourself wanting to share your learning with other teachers throughout the series, then both you and your friend receive bonus free resources.  And of course, if you find that your whole school comes on board after the start of the series, we will simply refund your purchase.

Do we have to choose just one stream, or can we access all the sessions?

All subscribers (individuals and schools) have access to all three streams (27 webinars).  You can choose any or all sessions that best suit your needs.

While the webinar topics are nominated as foundations, more advanced topics and those for leaders, you will probably find that each teacher and leader needs a range of sessions from each stream.  We couldn’t exactly promote effective methods of customizing learning for students without doing the same ourselves could we?

What is the cost? 

In 2016 we ended up with far more individual teachers and small schools wanting to subscribe than we were expecting.  We have therefore changed the pricing structure for 2017 to better reflect those needs.  Costs for Individuals and Schools of different sizes are listed below.  Invoices will be sent in the first two years of school in 2017, with payment options via direct debit, credit card or cheque.

Individual costs:

  • Individual teacher: $250

School costs for different sizes:

The cost for subscribing to the series is calculated on the number of teachers that you have at your school, not the number of teachers wanting to take part in the webinar series – please encourage everyone to participate in the webinars that suit their needs so that you can Move Forwards together.

  • Primary School with 3 or less teachers: $550
  • Primary School with 4-8 teachers: $1000
  • Primary School with 9 or more teachers: $1500
  • High Schools: $1000

What is the key contact person in each school responsible for?

We ask each school to nominate one or two key contact people to coordinate the learning for their staff.  These people will:

  • Receive all webinar links for the live and recorded sessions at the start of the year
  • Receive all handouts, including certificates
  • Receive all instructions on how to connect using the GoToWebinar software live and how to view recorded sessions.
  • Be responsible for passing on the relevant links, certificates and handouts to the appropriate staff and make sure that these are not sent to teachers outside your school
  • Be responsible for fielding questions from staff and collating these to send via email

Within each school there should also be a person who is responsible for connecting to each live webinar if you are participating as a group, for setting up the screen and sound, and for typing in responses during the session.  Obviously, individual subscribers will act as their own “contact person” and receive all the same information and support.

We will run a “trial connection session” before the first full session to iron out any technical difficulties for those of you who are new to the webinar series for 2017.  Details will be emailed through to you, so please pass these onto your technical staff and ask them to be on-hand for this trial session.

What if I can’t attend live?

All of the live sessions are recorded and accessible for the rest of the year, as many times as you like!  It usually takes a few days for us to edit the recordings and splice them together with the student videos, so please allow up to one week from the date of each live session for the link to the recording to give you access to the recording.

How long can we access the recordings for? 

Each of the pre-recordings will be accessible from when you join the series until the end of 2017.  The live sessions will be recorded on the date that they are held, with their recordings accessible from one week after the session is held until the end of 2017.

Can we view the recordings multiple times?

Of course!  You can watch each recording and pre-recording as many times as you like between when it becomes available and the end of 2017.  School leaders might like to preview any sessions that they plan to use in staff meetings or for student free days to get an idea of what staff are likely to be thinking about, and how best to use each session.

Can we access the live sessions and the recordings at home?

Yes, please do.  Wherever is easiest for you is fine, so long as you have a reasonable internet connection.  You can even have some staff logged in at school while others use the same link at home.  You can all add comments, ask questions and watch the videos.

Can we send the recordings to staff on leave?

Staff on leave can access any of the live sessions as well as any of the recordings.  The contact person for each school can send through the links, the handouts and the certificates.

Should multiple teachers login from different computers, or should we all use the same one?

The best way for a school to participate in the live sessions is using one computer, a projector and a sound system.  This encourages you to discuss the questions together, and have one person type in a joint response.  Where this is not possible, schools can use as many different computers as needed to accommodate different staff, including having some staff accessing the live sessions from their homes.

What are the tech requirements?  What platform is used?

We use the Citrix platform (GoToWebinar) for our live sessions, and have our recordings available both through GoToWebinar and Wistia.  We have found that this combination of platforms is the best for sharing videos, showing slides with animations and for interacting with participants as well as for accessing the recordings afterwards.

What steps are required for a trouble-free experience?

While there are a few keys to making sure that each live session runs smoothly, we haven’t had a school yet where firewalls or other technical difficulties prevented us connecting.  Here are a few keys to making it work:

  • Use Chrome or Firefox as a browser rather than Explorer as these seem to run more smoothly.
  • If all else fails, use an external data source (e.g. a mobile phone hotspot) until you get any firewall issues sorted, as each session doesn’t use a great deal of data.
  • Download the software before the first session from here. When it comes time to run the session, first try just clicking on the weblink that you receive for the webinar.  If the link doesn’t open the session for you, open the software through your start menu, then type in the webinar ID to connect.
  • If you still have trouble, phone the number provided on the webinar email that we sent you and put it on speaker phone to hear the webinar while you get help. Get help here:  This also has a phone number for the Citrix Support Line, who will speak with you directly to troubleshoot any problems.
  • If you are a DECD school in South Australia, your tech person needs to use EduConnect rather than Dual ISP to connect for each session. They should know how to do this, however please make sure that you make use of the trial session to ensure that you can connect smoothly.  You can also click here for a request to bypass Dual ISP.
  • If you do have any sustained problems, please put us in contact with your IT people so we can tell them what is needed to access the sessions through your firewall.

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