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This section contains PDF versions of the notes that we give out during PD sessions for you to download and use with your staff.  More will be added to this page throughout the year.  Please note that all of these documents are copyright.

MAVCON 2015:


3 Responses to Workshop notes

  1. Hi guys, I hope that you have had fun at these workshops! Remember to share the page with your friends.
    Tierney 🙂

  2. lurukela26 says:

    Bill,This question is with rgerads to 4.MD.2- Use the four operations to solve word problems involving distances including problems involving simple fractions or decimals I have no problems solving problems involving simple fractions foundations for this are solid in the NF standards at this grade. However, operations with decimals are absent from grade 4. (4.NF.5 through 7 deal with decimals, but not operations with them. Operations with decimals are introduced in 5.NBT.7 and the progression culminates at 6.NS.3.)Are students supposed to learn to operate with decimals in grade 4 or not?I guess one could argue that students can convert the decimals to fractions out of 10 or 100 (4.NF.6 going backwards), then perform the calculation on the fractions (4.NF.5), then convert the fractional answer back to a decimal (4.NF.6). But operations with decimals are clearly and explicitly addressed in grades 5 and 6, not grade 4.Please advise.As always, thanks for all of your guidance,Brian

  3. Sandra Hobson says:

    Hi Tierney, I attended the Pd in Brisbane on Saturday. Had a great day and learnt a lot and came home with some great ideas I want to try out as soon as possiblbe. Thanks. Sandy

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