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Protected: Project resource videos for Term 2

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Nine great ways to use dice to build number understanding and fluency

Dice are fantastic for simple mental maths exercises! Here are a few simple ideas for games that work to build fluency with operations from the Fluency Tasks members section of the Back to Front Maths website: Roll 3 dice and … READ MORE

Fluency with flexibility

While fluency is not the be all and end all of maths, having a bank of known facts and strategies that you can use efficiently, accurately, appropriate and flexibly is definitely an asset! Here are some principles to keep in … READ MORE

Protected: Intervention that works course resources

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Mathsbusters: experimenting to bust misconceptions

>>> Introducing conceptual change programs Let’s face it – nobody likes being wrong.  Not kids, and not us.  So, when maths becomes all about the right answers, that makes it tricky for kids to want to try. One simple adjustment … READ MORE

Intervention that works webinar

Please find a free hour-long PD video below on what works and does not work in intervention. It’s an important one, so make time to check it out. Remember to share it widely, and if you want more, subscribe to … READ MORE