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Finishing strong – making those last few weeks count (plus a free offer to boot)

As term 4 is upon us many teachers are struggling with how to get everything done.  Realistically, now is the time for prioritizing rather than frantic teaching.  Think about what the teacher next year needs the kids to still remember … READ MORE

Why being wrong in maths is better than being right

We could solve the STEM crisis in this country within five years if we could get all parents and teachers to stop saying one thing: “It’s ok to be wrong”. Failure is not “ok”, it’s critical. When we learn, we … READ MORE

25% of primary teachers have not developed Multiplicative thinking – check your staff

Multiplicative thinking is one of the concepts that I have found about 1 in 4 primary teachers across the country are missing… and I have tried the diagnostic tasks below with several thousand of them.  Along with Place Value and … READ MORE

Assessment: getting everything done

By Tierney Kennedy  How do we get everything done? Good assessment takes time.  It is important to make sure that your grading decisions are not made on the basis of only one or two measures, but on the clear progress … READ MORE

Critical number concepts >>> The first three years

Download the PDF of this article here:  Critical number concepts – the first three years Check out a video for my Top 5 Diagnostic Tasks in Lower Primary here Watch our free full-length recorded webinar on Key number concepts for … READ MORE

Assessment samples to download

We have included here some assessment samples to download, with the aim of coming to a joint understanding of what the criteria mean and how to assign a grade.  Remember to download the June 2013 edition of The Insightful Classroom … READ MORE

Work Program for one and two teacher schools now available

One and two teacher schools face significant challenges in implementing the Australian Curriculum.  With this in mind, Tierney Kennedy has designed a work program that utilises Back-to-Front Maths web access to meet all of the requirements for each grade in … READ MORE