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Time-saving solutions for rotation groups

Balancing time in rotation groups can be especially tricky:  we need enough time to be able to work in depth with a small group, but not so much that behaviour management becomes a problem as kids get bored. The Back-to-Front … READ MORE

Using Rotation Groups Successfully

By Tierney Kennedy Activities are at this link. Watch a free video explanation here Buy convenient, pre-made cards here Almost every lower primary classroom that I have been into has used rotation groups for literacy.  Yet when this same approach … READ MORE

My favourite maths teaching moment wasn’t in maths!

By Tierney Kennedy  What is your favourite maths teaching moment?  One where you know that you made a life-changing difference?  My all-time favourite maths teaching moment was with a boy named “Rick”, and wasn’t actually in a maths class at … READ MORE

Misconceptions in Maths

Download this article to print This article explains, with examples, the best process to address misconceptions and links you with resources to resolve the specific misconceptions found in your class.  It takes 2 minutes to read and 30 minutes to … READ MORE

Supply teacher maths – instant lessons that develop mathematical thinking

As the new year starts many new teachers begin the year on contract or as supply teachers.  Often this means having to run a whole day in a classroom on very short notice, with no planning left for you.  Here … READ MORE

The three best things that I have said all year…

This year in all of my Professional Development sessions three statements seem to have made the biggest difference to teachers.  I would like to share these truths with you as well. 1.  Understanding cannot be diagnosed with Fluency questions, because … READ MORE

Rapid growth in understanding for Emilie in year 2

Today I was working with a year two class on understanding tens and ones.  We used a hundreds chart as a tool to help the students develop deep understanding of two digit numbers.  Key questions included “what is missing?” and … READ MORE

Why do some kids put themselves in the “support” category when they are gifted at maths?

This question has been plaguing me a lot lately. In the last week two students have been playing on my mind.  Today I taught a year eight girl who thought she was really bad at maths.  She proceeded to make … READ MORE

Kids who just want worksheets so that they can get all the answers right…

In every class of students there is usually someone who considers themselves very good at maths.  They are highly successful at getting the right answers to routine questions and are often very quick at answering mental maths questions.  They consider … READ MORE

Differentiation and how to really cater for kids working at very different levels… without driving yourself nuts

The reality of classroom teaching nowadays is that no teacher has a class of students who are all working at the one level. Teachers who aim their maths lesson at only one or two groups of learners are choosing to … READ MORE