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Do you have decision fatigue? This might help.

Have you had a long and tough term? Let’s talk about how to survive the stress. Sometimes the holidays just feel like breathing room before starting the next big push.  Life can feel a lot like a pendulum swinging – you … READ MORE

Engagement vs Entertainment

I’d like to raise a contentious issue… Engagement is not the same as entertainment, or even the same as enjoyment. True engagement involves an insatiable curiosity. A driving need to know. Presenting maths on a screen does not always add … READ MORE

Is there really an ideal maths lesson?

I am often asked what makes a perfect mathematics lesson.  This is a difficult question to answer, as I’m not sure that there is one best lesson.  It really depends on what you want to achieve, as the purpose of … READ MORE

“But you must… But you can’t…” Simple ways of adding complexity to challenging tasks

Sometimes it seems like we make maths teaching more difficult than it needs to be, but make the maths itself easier than it should be.  Challenging tasks are not only good for the brain, but also very engaging and fun … READ MORE

27 homework tasks that help make maths part of everyday life

Parents often want to help their kids with maths, but aren’t sure how to help. Here are 27 ideas ranging from breakfast, to car trips, to grocery shopping, to afternoon tea, to pocket money and just about everything in between. … READ MORE

Problem Solving with Pam

Our thanks to Pamela Barritt of Woodcroft Primary School for sharing this Blog post with us!  It was originally posted on March 14, 2017 (archived) During maths lessons we focus on four different parts of learning: Problem Solving, Fluency, Reasoning and … READ MORE

The power of confronting questions

When kids have persistent misconceptions it can be really hard to help them change their minds.  Try thinking of teaching like doing a science experiment, where they have to disprove their own hypothesis before they will listen to yours. Here … READ MORE

What to do when kids already know everything – serious maths extension

Download this article here:  What to do when kids already know everything Sometimes when teaching, we come across a student who blows our mind. It seems like they either already know everything that we are trying to teach, or are … READ MORE

10 Maths Hacks All Teachers Should Know

With the year just beginning, it’s worth investing a few minutes putting together these simple maths hacks to save you time for the rest of the year. Phone time for rotation groups:  Did you know you can set the timer … READ MORE

Why being wrong in maths is better than being right

We could solve the STEM crisis in this country within five years if we could get all parents and teachers to stop saying one thing: “It’s ok to be wrong”. Failure is not “ok”, it’s critical. When we learn, we … READ MORE