Supporting Mathematics Teaching – 2018 webinar series

Over the past two years we have supported well over 100 schools around Australia with excellent online learning, targeted to what teachers need.  Our partnership data shows that schools who participated had double the student growth of those who did not.

Webinar series for 2018: 38 sessions to access

Topics for live and recorded sessions are included below.

For the first time, this includes a half-hour introductory session for parents for you to use at an information session.

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Live sessions:

Live sessions will include content-based webinars, advanced concepts and support for leaders.  All content-based and advanced webinars will be held after school on Wednesdays (3:45 ACST, 4:15 AEDST) and all leader support sessions will be held during the morning on Fridays (10:30 ACST, 11:00 AEDST).

Content-based webinars – 6

  • Introducing algebra (includes grouping like terms, indices, substitution) 28/2/18
  • Teaching Length and the relationship to relative size (includes standard and non-standard units through to perimeter)14/3/18
  • Teaching graphing through partitioning (includes bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphing for simple functions) 2/5/18
  • Teaching Area and the relationship to arrays (includes rectangles, triangles, trapeziums, circles) 30/5/18
  • Fun with patterning in the early years 1/8/18
  • Introducing negative numbers (includes operations and conceptual development) 29/8/18

Advanced concepts – 5

  • What is a year’s growth? Tracking at an individual level.  14/2/18
  • Intentional learning through play-based approaches 28/3/18
  • When students plateau (success criteria and cognitive dissonance) 16/5/18
  • Developing inquiry units and extension tasks 13/6/18
  • Strategies to improve reasoning for teachers and students 15/8/18

Leadership support – 4

  • Introduction for parents and caregivers (for use on a parents’ night) 16/2/18
  • Using conceptual change approaches to deal with teacher anxiety regarding NAPLAN 16/3/18
  • What does success look like and how do we measure it? 18/5/18
  • Using feedback to inform practice during instructional rounds 3/8/18

Recorded sessions:

Recorded sessions can be accessed by webinar participants at any time during the year.  All live sessions will also be accessible one week after they have run live.

Introductory webinars – 3

  • Getting the year started
  • Setting up your class structures, room and routines
  • Challenging problems and brain growth

Content-based webinars – 5

  • Key Number Concepts for F-3
  • Key Number Concepts for Grades 4-9
  • Teaching adding and subtracting
  • Teaching multiplication and division
  • Teaching fractions (especially for grades 3-9)

Advanced concepts – 10

  • Questioning techniques
  • Sequential development of concepts throughout primary school
  • A balanced program: problem-based lessons, explicit approaches, rote learning and inquiry projects
  • Developing differentiated problems and improving results in the upper two bands
  • Assessing the Proficiency Strands
  • Assessing Fluency with the Achievement Standard
  • Facilitating Moderation
  • Risk taking, Persistence and Resilience
  • Problem-Solving and Understanding
  • Improving NAPLAN

Leadership support – 5

  • Staff buy-in: a process for changing beliefs, practice and results
  • NAPLAN for leaders
  • Getting the balance right: where to hold the line and where to negotiate
  • Dealing with data: how to read and calculate stats for those with no background
  • Staff roles in the change process: catalyst, mentor, experienced staff and juniors

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